“I like telling stories and initiating questions using metaphors and symbolism. I’m interested in the dualities of life, the real versus the imagined, and that elusive space between wakefulness and sleep.

I work mostly in watercolor for its delicacy and unpredictability and because I am unable to cover mistakes which is a lot like life itself. The tension between control and freedom is always present and it is as much a creative release as it is an exercise of character.

To appreciate the luminosity and subtlety of the colors you must experience the work in person, I paint with watercolors, but I like to think I paint mostly with light.”


Cynthia Cabrera is a Mexican-Canadian watercolor realist painter. At a very young age she developed a sensitivity for drawing and at 8 years old influenced by an older cousin, she asked for her first tubes of oil paint and brushes. A few years later, she discovered watercolor and fell in love with the approachability yet the immense possibilities of the medium.

Her artistic gift was discovered by one of her teachers who tried to persuade her parents to send her to art school, but a twist in her path lead her to earn a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and later on a diploma in graphic design.

Currently residing in Calgary Alberta with her husband and two children, Cynthia has regained full focus towards fine art

Her work infuses traditional realism with a surreal dreamlike quality, her style could be best described as conceptual realism or narrative symbolism. And explores the themes of memory, perception of reality, identity and beliefs.